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Post by Kyunikeon on Fri 10 May 2013, 22:35

Hi everbody,

as you noticed, we released XIGNCODE today as the new Antihacking Tool for AVA and by this replaced GameGuard.

Some people might end up having issues with XIGNCODE although they are legit players, for those we have put together this quick FAQ.

Known issues with XIGNCODE:

1. Logitech Logicool GamingSoftware: it might happen that the 'multi key setting' causes XIGNCODE to end the running game. To avoid this, please delete all setting of multi key on your mouse buttons and profile. Afterwards you should be good to go.
2. Setpoint mouse Software: delete all saved macro-settings from MacroEditor of the Setpoint drivers and try again.
3. If you exit the game and want to start it again immediately, please make sure that ava.exe is properly terminated (check Task-Manager) before actually starting the game again.

Additional Programs That Can Cause A Conflict; by GMDevo
* Android Desktop Remote Control App

Trouble-shooting in case of issues:

1. Make sure that the GameGuard folder is deleted in the AVA\binaries directory. If this is not the case, please delete it manually including the GameGuard.des file in the AVA\binaries directory.
2. Make sure to end any unnecessary background-processes before executing AVA and XIGNCODE to avoid the game being closed.
3. In case you get a XIGNCODE errormessage and the game closes, please write down the code and save the log-file. As soon as you have done that, please send us a Ticket so we can report it and get a fix hopefully soon.

In case of any further questions that are not being answerred in this FAQ, please feel free to send us a Ticket anytime and we will give our best to help you in a timely manner.

The following programs might be blocked and get you kicked or even banned:

-Dxtory (Video capturing software, directly accessing graphical layers for capturing)
-Logitech LogiCool/Setpoint Software (might get you kicked, please remove any macros you have saved in the software to be able to use it)
-Razer Synapse (might get you kicked, please remove any macros you have saved in the software to be able to use it)

That's it for now. Please do not use Dxtory until you receive any further notice from us and make sure that any kind of macros from gaming software like abovementioned are disabled. We are already talking to the makers of XIGNCODE to get Videocapturing Software like Dxtory working. Until then please do not use Dxtory, try using approved alternatives like Fraps.

-Team Aeria

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Post by imNorway on Sun 12 May 2013, 18:28

kool story bor
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