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KAVA 5/8 content update  Empty KAVA 5/8 content update

Post by snaes on Fri 10 May 2013, 22:46

Hello ABBA (AVA).

May 8, 2013, will be notified about the update history (Wed).

Update History Details, please refer to the information below

[5/8 (will be updated) History
"Add new guns"
1 OTs-03A (Euro store Rifle / Sniper)
Model the SVD (deurageunopeu sniper rifle), the modernization of the bulpeop gaeryangsik.
Features Full-Auto fire unusually for a sniper rifle

KAVA 5/8 content update  OTs_03_SVU_ren_RESIZED

"System Changes"
1 [Modified Speed ​​jeomsa] Para introduced the test server for Test
1) Direction / Purpose
- The case to continuous Cock Play (High jeomsa), the click-through fast cock and re-cock the time between
Faster than a certain period of time to be in the firing of the firearm if the rules do not apply
- The corresponding rules Play high-speed jeomsa through the speakers do not recognize the Ames does not happen.
Preference on how to reduce the disadvantage play adapted.
2) test how to get involved
The Rifleman's disease after the start of the game, the [T] key to select the test channel is equipped the Test for SA58.Para the input.
- The start of each round can be mounted once, or every time you respawn.
- Para custom settings for Test liner reinforced barrel / ergonomic Grip / Recoil Control Stock '. (Can not be changed)
If you believe this method is more reasonable and a lot of people understand how to * test
Will be expanded to reflect the SMG and rifle-like gun.
3) Test of the channel map
- 'AI' Canon 'Canon', for the progress of the above-mentioned test maps have been added.
The map exp 10%, and can receive the added benefit of 20% of the advertised value.
* 5/8 (Wed) Update "Mercenary Cold Case 'and' Canon ',' AI canon (guide), you can use the test channels (three species).
* comment you participate the test channel board

2 Some of firearms Ames Shrinkage / recoil restore speed correction
- And after jeomsa been set for a long time compared to other guns, the time it takes to restore Ames rebound contraction /
Some firearms (SA58.Para, AMD65, G3A3 Nero weapons FG42 series) to reduce the the contraction delay time for correction.

3 09 armor set items web store launch
1) in the web shop to sell items for sale 09 armor in the game package.
2) The 09 items armor package includes the following topics:
- Item Name: New armor package + Euro 09
- Configuration items: 09 Armor Item (30) species and 60,000 euros

4 L2A3, STG44 gun sales to suspend
1) Red capsules of the gun shop paper STG44, L2A3 gun sales through May 7 (Tue) check will stop.
2) stop selling guns will be the newly re-released later.
* Re-release schedule will be announced separately at a later date.

5 Change the recommendations round the mission map list
Maps that were in progress 1) 5/2 (neck) to the preference is named Aslan Hellhound vote, recommended a new map in the list.
Will not be seen the recommended maps from the list 5/7 (Tue) 2) except for the desired map the line specified Airplane Canon.
3) a possibility under consideration for the remake of the Hellhound, your feedback on the future direction of the power.
Ask for the many comments that I felt while playing the map.
* Check time paid Poll Events compensation, has been completed.

6 Clan Championship season start
After checking period 1) [May 8, 2010 (Wed) 23:00 - May 28, 2008].
Initialized at the beginning of the existing RP 2) Season 4, and we'll guide you through the details of compensation otherwise noted.

"Bug fixes."
1 Fixed an issue M16A2, L85A2 gun upgrade is not possible to purchase custom firearms

Hope to update prepared so that it can be carried out as planned.

Thank you.
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