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Patch Notes 06/05/20 Empty Patch Notes 06/05/20

Post by FFAdmin_AVA on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 10:59

Dear Community,

We would like to accompany this content update with a few words. On top of the new contents we are releasing for you (new maps, new weapons and new Capsule guns), you will notice a few changes in the in-game shop.

Indeed, the developers (Redduck) and Aeria Games decided to slightly change the in-game shop mechanisms. Though we can already hear some of you calling for injustice or treason, these changes have been implemented to re-balance the game and its weapon economy. Here below are the different changes that have been applied and the reason behind it:

- Decreased the prices, AP and Euros, of all the low/mid level shop weapons to make them more affordable and accessible for users
==> Example: Now you can purchase a permanent weapon starting from only 799 AP (or 33,000 Euros), instead of the previous global price of 1490 AP or around 52,000 Euros

- Added timed-versions (3/7/15/30 days) to some of the most powerful shop weapons to make them cheaper and encourage weapon trial
==> Example: Now you can get one of the best weapons for a few days for only 309 AP, instead of paying 1490 AP, which was the required average-price to purchase any weapons

- Removed the permanent versions of some of the most powerful shop weapons to make them less accessible by those who can easily afford them, thus making the whole game more balanced (note: all your existing Permanent Weapons in your Inventory will not be affected by this).

We know that some of you will express dissatisfaction about some of these changes and you can be sure we will always be open to constructive feedback. Nonetheless, we encourage you to really think through these changes and see that they have one and only objective: re-balance the battlefield for the benefit of the whole community. And as you know, a Free-to-Play community is composed of players who wish to enhance their gaming experience by spending real money and those who want to fully enjoy the game without spending anything.

On a final note, we would like also to announce to you something else: we decided to push for the return of one of the most popular features, the 1st Person Spectator View mode. We can all agree that it is a shame that such a high quality FPS like A.V.A is still lacking this very important feature. So after discussing with the developers and reassigning development priorities, we are glad to announce that this feature will be back with the next patch (or the one after, at the latest)! Stay tuned!

Thanks for your attention

- Your A.V.A team

Patch Notes 06/05/20 Ju_patch_en_copy_p1

Patch Notes 06/05/20 Ju_patch_en_copy_p2

Patch Notes 06/05/20 Ju_patch_en_copy_p3

New contents of this patch:

  • Changes in the In-Game shop
    New Demolition map: Aslan
    New FFA map: Cannon
    New Primary gun: ARX160 (Rifleman)
    New Euro Capsule gun: Dual TMP (Pointman)
    New Pre-Release Capsule gun: AK47CQB Ao (Rifleman)
    New Exclusive Webmall items (To Be Announced later)

Squished Bugs:

  • Fixed Selling error for all weapons
    Fixed Modifying error for all weapons
    Fixed video record function (you can record videos with Scroll Lock)

Known Bugs (will be fixed with the next patch):

  • Bugged “Customize” button for the standard weapon G3A3
    Bugged sell option for: SWD Zebra, SV98 Silver Arrow, Mosin Nagant, FN57 and P226

The original post can be found here.

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Patch Notes 06/05/20 Empty Re: Patch Notes 06/05/20

Post by snaes on Fri 07 Jun 2013, 18:31

Gay as fuck

FAQ can be found HERE

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Patch Notes 06/05/20 Empty Re: Patch Notes 06/05/20

Post by Kyunikeon on Fri 07 Jun 2013, 22:00

snaes wrote:Gay as fuck

Patch Notes 06/05/20 Tumblr_moqxe1foXm1sqnqq9o7_400

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Patch Notes 06/05/20 Empty Re: Patch Notes 06/05/20

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