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Content Update 07/03 Empty Content Update 07/03

Post by FFAdmin_AVA on Wed 03 Jul 2013, 16:18

Content Update 07/03 July_patch_en_p0

Content Update 07/03 July_patch_en_p2

Content Update 07/03 July_patch_en_p3

Content Update 07/03 July_patch_en_p4

New contents of this patch:

  •    Added new Capsule Shop: Mega Capsule
  •    Readded 1st Person Spectator Mode
  •    Reworked graphical interface for in-game shop and option menu
  •    New AI-Demolition map: Airplane
  •    New Escort mode: Hot Random
  •    New Primary gun: MP5K Mod 0 (Pointman)
  •    New AP Capsule gun: M1 Garand (Rifleman)
  •    New Euro Capsule gun: M1897 Trench Gun (Pointman)
  •    New Primary gun: AK47CQB Ao (Rifleman)
  •    Readded Primary guns: P90 Freedom, M4A1 Freedom & PGM.338 Freedom
  •    New Exclusive Webmall items (To Be Announced later)

Squished Bugs:

  •  Fixed loading and spawn bug on FFA Cannon

Known Bugs (will be fixed with upcoming patches):

  • Selling error for permanent weapons

How does the Mega Capsule work?

  1. All the Mega Capsule weapons are new and exclusive. The Corvus III (the jackpot), PPSh-41 Dao and FAL Hot road are permanent weapons, all other weapons are timed for 30 days.
  2. You will never lose here, you always win a new weapon with each spin.
  3. If you collect all 16 weapons, you'll receive the Bonus Nighthawk (permanent) for free.
  4. Once all the jackpot Corvus III are sold out (1000 units), it will no longer be available, but the other 15 weapons still will be.

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